Idyllic haven on Cranleigh High Street

Idyllic haven on Cranleigh High Street

This is a sponsored post. Kathryn received a free treatment and in return wrote this honest review.

Doesn’t January feel like the longest month?

Christmas was so full-on and I did the usual, overindulged, and have been paying the price ever since. My skin feels dry, and I feel bloated and lethargic. I am starting to dream of Spring!

So I decided, before the month is out, I would book myself in for a bit of me-time; switch off the mobile phone, mentally and physically recharge.

Idyllic just on the high street in Cranleigh was luring me in with their treatment ‘draining and slimming Bagni Di Pisa Therapy mud wrap’. Yes! I thought this is just what I need; an intensive treatment with detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions for those problem areas (legs, bum and tum)!

The products use water from the famous majestic spa Bagni Di Pisa, so I get a little escape to Tuscany at the same time. This might actually put a spring in my step.

Zoe welcomed me to the warm and cosy treatment room, where I drank an iced tea and she explained what the treatment involved – firstly a peel, to exfoliate the skin, to help the next stage, the mud, to penetrate deeper into the skin, draw out toxins and excess water that’s stored between fat cells.

The mud’s key ingredients are peppermint and essential oils, encouraging purification of the tissues, while the fucus and laminaria algae promote lipolytic action (a process by which fats are broken down).

Then the mud is washed off and a luxuriously thick cream will be massaged in for rehydration.

So, minutes after meeting the lovely Zoe I’m standing there in a tiny pair of paper knickers, wrapped in a beautifully soft bathrobe. The bed is warm, lights are low, relaxing music fills the air and I just lie there and breathe. Zoe works her magic.

While the mud is soaking in and I am wrapped in a cocoon of warm soft towels, Zoe offers me a foot massage. My feet are tired and neglected, I relax for the first time this month, half asleep and half awake and I truly feel through my whole body and mind a sense of relief.

Then, it’s time for a shower. I watch the mud wash away down the plughole along with all my dead skin cells! And my January blues start to fade.

Back to the cosy room for the finale. The cream. It is the same luxurious cream Zoe massaged into my feet. It feels cold but the room is still warm, invigorating, my body feels lighter and I am coming back slowly to the real world.

Before the real world takes over, Zoe offers me time to sit in the relaxation room. Who knew this was here? A quiet little haven right on my doorstep.

I sink into another warm bed, thick fleece blanket, with a glass of water, a cup of herbal tea and some deliciously sweet orange slices. I take time to just be in the moment, time to catch up with myself.

Zoe explained that it’s best not to wash your whole body for a few hours (preferably leave it on until the following morning) allowing the minerals from the mud to continue their work. I personally also avoided alcohol, caffeine, fizzy drinks and fatty foods that evening just to encourage detoxing.

As I leave I am armed with my two little packages of:

-comfort zone Body Strategist cellulite – a scrub, a cream-gel and a cream

-comfort zone Body Strategist Tone – a gel, oil and D-age cream

These I can use to keep me going until Spring is finally here!

The results

My skin definitely felt softer and more toned, I wasn’t going to scare anyone with a before and after shot! So you will have to take my word for it.

The whole experience was just what I needed and I would thoroughly recommend this little haven on the Cranleigh high street.

For more information

The spa treatment I had (but there are plenty of others to choose from)

Draining & Slimming Bagni Di Pisa Mud Therapy

60 mins, £70.

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