Upcoming Events at Memory Lane: A Blend of Music, Fitness, and Support for Carers in Cranleigh

Upcoming Events at Memory Lane: A Blend of Music, Fitness, and Support for Carers in Cranleigh

This March, Memory Lane, a cherished gathering spot in Cranleigh, is set to offer an enriching schedule for both its attendees and their dedicated carers.

The group, known for its vibrant array of activities to enhance the lives of those experiencing dementia, is extending an inviting hand to carers seeking support and relaxation.

The month starts with an engaging session led by professional musicians Liz and Ann, whose performances promise to fill the air with melody and joy.

Alongside the musical entertainment, Margaret will be on hand to ensure everyone keeps active and engaged with her fitness sessions.

But it’s not just the guests who will find solace and enjoyment in these gatherings; their caring partners are also in for a treat with a series of informative and supportive meetings tailored just for them.

One of the support session highlights is on March 4th, when Caroline Johnson, the respected Social Prescribing Link Worker for Surrey, will be present.

Over tea and cakes, she will provide invaluable insights into the resources available for carers in the area, answering questions and guiding them through the various support systems at their disposal. This session is a unique opportunity for carers to gain knowledge and advice directly from a seasoned professional in a comfortable and welcoming environment, helping them navigate their caregiving journey more confidently and easily.

Continuing the theme of support and socialization, the subsequent meeting on March 18th promises another chance for carers to unwind and connect.

Kerry Oakley from AgeUK will join the gathering, bringing her a wealth of experience and understanding to share with the carers.

These meetings, set within the two-hour respite from their roles, are designed to provide comfort and practical guidance, addressing the unique challenges faced by those caring for loved ones with dementia.

Memory Lane convenes on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 2:15 pm, housed within the warm confines of the Cranleigh Arts Centre. These sessions are not just meetings but a community coming together to share, support, and uplift each other.

If you or someone you know could benefit from joining this caring and vibrant community, please get in touch with Memory Lane at 01483 274398 or via email at mamwild@aol.com for more information.

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