Cranleigh Safer High Street WhatsApp Group

Cranleigh Safer High Street WhatsApp Group

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce is creating a Cranleigh Safer High Street WhatsApp group for local retailers and businesses, in a bid to share information for crime prevention and detection.

High Street retailers and other businesses are invited to email with their name, business name and mobile phone number.

The emphasis of the group is on reporting crimes and keeping High Street workers safe, not engaging with any criminals responsible.

The aim is to keep workers at retailers and local businesses safe, support police officers to do their job and build up a sense of community responsibility to deter criminals.

If it feels like a situation could get heated or violent, someone is in immediate danger, or you need support right away, you should call 999.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce vice president Martin Bamford said:

Recent reports of an incident affecting multiple businesses in Cranleigh High Street prompted the Chamber to take action in a bid to keep its members and other High Street workers safe.

Cranleigh is a very safe place but, due to its semi-rural location, can sometimes viewed by perpetrators as a ‘soft target’ for criminal enterprise.

This WhatsApp Group is an effective way for our High Street business community to quickly share information and keep each other safe.

Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce is also investigating the cost of installing CCTV in the High Street, for the purpose of crime prevention and detection.

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