Memory Lane Hits New Attendance Record in Cranleigh

Memory Lane Hits New Attendance Record in Cranleigh

In an inspiring demonstration of community spirit and support, Memory Lane, a beloved gathering spot for individuals experiencing dementia and their carers, reached a new attendance milestone earlier this month.

Over 50 attendees, including newcomers, filled the venue, breaking previous records and showcasing the increasing importance of this vital community resource.

Hosted at the Cranleigh Arts Centre, which generously provides its facilities to the Memory Lane team each Monday, the event was a heartwarming mix of music, companionship, and valuable information.

The session started with entertainment provided by three musically trained team volunteers, leading the guests in a joyful sing-along. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and joy, setting the tone for the rest of the afternoon.

After the musical session, over 38 guests were treated to tea and cakes, a testament to the dedication and preparation of the Memory Lane team, who also catered to 12 of their carer partners.

The afternoon was filled with engaging activities to stimulate the mind and body. Brain teaser games were a hit, challenging guests in a fun and interactive way, while physical exercise sessions encouraged movement and participation.

The highlight for many was the dancing finale, a joyous celebration that got everyone on their feet.

Parallel to the main event, 15 carer partners attended a supportive discussion led by Kim Wilson, a physiotherapist from Surrey Hills Rehab.

The session focused on Fall Prevention & Recovery, offering practical advice and answering carers’ questions.

A standout piece of advice was the introduction of a new ‘Fall Response Service’ by the Health Care Alliance, promising assistance within an hour of a call to 03003690590, a service aimed at reducing delays and providing immediate support.

Memory Lane’s success is not only in its numbers but also in its palpable sense of community and support. With the backing of Cranleigh Arts Centre and the dedication of its volunteers, it stands as a beacon of hope and assistance for those dealing with dementia and their caregivers.

The next Memory Lane meeting is eagerly anticipated for Monday, 19th February, at 2.15 pm in the Cranleigh Arts Centre.

For those interested in attending or seeking more information, Memory Lane can be contacted at 01438 274398 or via email at

This event promises to be another wonderful opportunity for connection, support, and community engagement.

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