Discover Autumn’s Secrets in the Heart of Hurtwood

Discover Autumn’s Secrets in the Heart of Hurtwood

Autumn has arrived in the enchanting Surrey Hills, painting the landscape with vibrant hues and mysterious tales from the past. 

As you venture through the rustic trails of Hurtwood, nature’s magic unveils its golden palette on the trees, and the forest floor teems with an array of mushrooms, waiting to be discovered by local foraging enthusiasts.

But this season, more than just nature’s wonders are awaiting you.

Journey down to Hurtwood Car Park 4, on Greensand Lane near Barhatch Lane, and you’ll stumble upon a captivating new information board. 

A relic of time, it delves deep into the covert operations of January 1941 when Winterfold was seized to serve as a Special Training School (STS) for Britain’s wartime Special Operations Executive (SOE). 

These unsung heroes, formed in the dire times of 1940, were entrusted with the dangerous mission to undermine and sabotage enemy strongholds in occupied European territories. 

Although Winterfold House reverted to private ownership after 1944 and remains closed to the public, the tales of espionage and bravery linger in the air.

This riveting initiative, set to captivate history enthusiasts and casual visitors alike, is the brainchild of SECRET WW2 – the Secret WW2 Learning Network. As a testament to their unwavering commitment to preserving history, this UK-registered educational charity (no. 1156796) has successfully brought this piece of history to life, with heartfelt thanks to the generous support of Jim McAllister, Friends of The Hurtwood, and the Cranleigh Parish Council.

For a deeper dive into the enigmatic tales of the World War II era, indulge your curiosity by visiting their official website or connecting on Facebook.

While the secrets of Hurtwood beckon, you can also play a part in its preservation. 

To support the continuous upkeep of this treasured landscape, consider donating. Every contribution ensures that the Hurtwood remains a haven for nature lovers and history buffs for future generations. 

Visit the Friends of the Hurtwood website at to make a difference today.

Pack your bags, pull out those hiking boots, and let the enchanting tales of Hurtwood lead the way! 

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