The Arts Society Cranleigh Presents: Summer Lecture Series 2023

The Arts Society Cranleigh Presents: Summer Lecture Series 2023

This summer, The Arts Society Cranleigh invites you to embark on a journey of artistic exploration and historical discovery with our 2023 Summer Lecture Series.

Join us in welcoming our distinguished speakers, Jennifer Toynbee-Holmes and Christopher Garibaldi, who will weave captivating narratives around two distinct yet intriguing subjects.

The Ballets Russes: A Symphony of Art and Music

Join us on Wednesday, 28th June 2023, at 2 pm, as Jennifer Toynbee-Holmes illuminates the revolutionary influence of the Ballets Russes on Western ballet during the early twentieth century.

The mastermind behind this creative revolution, Diaghilev, brought an extraordinary energy from Russia that transformed the artistic landscape.

By rallying celebrated talents in choreography, dance, music, design, and painting – including iconic names like Fokine, Nijinsky, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Picasso, and Coco Chanel – he created an extraordinary fusion of art forms.

Diaghilev’s dream of an artistic unity where dance intertwines with other creative disciplines forever shaped the course of ballet, offering audiences worldwide dazzling performances that were nothing short of ‘total art’.

From Biscuits to Blouses: The British Fascination with Garibaldi

On Wednesday 26th July 2023, Christopher Garibaldi will guide us through the captivating narrative of Giuseppe Garibaldi, a heroic figure in the 19th century fight for Italy’s unification.

Garibaldi’s legendary persona not only captured the imagination of Italians but also resonated strongly with the British public.

His influence was so widespread that it prompted a British craze for Garibaldi-inspired items, ranging from Staffordshire figurines and biscuits to blouses and the famous red shirts symbolising Italy’s fight for freedom.

Garibaldi’s popularity culminated in a triumphant visit in 1864 when over 500,000 Londoners welcomed him in Trafalgar Square.

This lecture offers a richly illustrated view of Garibaldi’s life, the art of the Risorgimento, and his enduring impact on British popular culture.

Please note that there will be no meeting in August.

All lectures take place at the Cranleigh Arts Centre. We extend a warm invitation to non-members to join us as guests for these enlightening talks. While there’s no obligation to commit, we do appreciate any donations.

To attend, reach out to us at, or visit our website for more details. We can’t wait to share these engaging stories with you and dive together into the rich tapestry of art and history.

The Arts Society Cranleigh, Registered Charity no. 1142228, is more than just a society—it’s a vibrant community where art and history come alive. We look forward to welcoming you to our summer series!

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