Only rain down the drain in Cranleigh!

Only rain down the drain in Cranleigh!

Surrey Wildlife Trust and Thames Water visited Park Mead Primary School in Cranleigh last week as part of the Yellow Fish Project to spread the ‘only rain down the drain’ message.

Many road drains locally lead to the Cranleigh Waters river and even small amounts of pollution can damage wildlife that thrives on healthy rivers.

The ‘Yellow Fish’ Scheme is an Environment Agency initiative where Yellow Fish ‘only rain down the drain’ stickers are put on kerbs next to surface water drains to indicate the drain feeds directly into the nearby Cranleigh Waters river.

Surrey Wildlife Trust brought in samples from Cranleigh Waters for the children to identify a range of riverfly, such as, mayfly which lives for up to two years in the river and only a day as a fly.

The children learnt that if someone pours oil down a drain the riverfly will die and as a result the fish and other wildlife that feed on them such as otters and birds will be affected too.


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