Cranleigh Opticians Spot Life-Threatening Embolism

Cranleigh Opticians Spot Life-Threatening Embolism

Cranleigh’s very own Satwinder Dhanjal, 60, lauded his local opticians for identifying a potentially fatal eye condition.

During what seemed to be a routine visit for a stubborn stye at the opticians, a serious health issue came to light.

Using the Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS) triage form, optometrist Rea Patel discerned that Satwinder’s complaints indicated a more severe problem.

The MECS system, known for streamlining the assessment of eye conditions, played a pivotal role in this life-saving discovery.

Patel’s diligent examination revealed an embolism in Satwinder’s retina, a condition that could presage a stroke.

The immediate referral to Royal Surrey Hospital, followed by specialist care at Frimley Park Hospital, led to a carotid artery operation that helped Satwinder make a full recovery.

The grateful Cranleigh stalwart, previously the town’s postmaster and a helpful estate agent, personally thanked Rea and her team. He praised the Patel family, with whom he has a long-standing acquaintance, for their exceptional service to all clients.

Rea Patel, serving the Cranleigh and Guildford area for nine years and having risen from an optical assistant to an optometrist, stresses the critical nature of regular eye exams.

She cautions that retinal embolisms can severely disrupt blood flow, increasing the risk of a transient ischemic attack or mini-stroke.

With technologies like optical coherence tomography (OCT), Patel asserts that optometrists can detect grave eye conditions up to four years in advance.

Specsavers encourage the community to prioritise eye health by booking routine biennial eye exams and seeking immediate attention for unusual symptoms.

For appointments, visit the Cranleigh store’s website or call directly on 01483 945 583.

Additionally, Specsavers extends its Home Visits service to those unable to visit in person, ensuring comprehensive eye care is available to everyone.

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