Proposals for Cranleigh High Street Improvements

Proposals for Cranleigh High Street Improvements

Surrey County Council has launched a consultation seeking feedback on proposed changes to Cranleigh High Street.

The proposals, designed to improve road safety and enhance public spaces, look at two junctions at either end of the High Street and strengthen some of the public spaces along the High Street itself.

The designs, subject to change following consultation and further technical surveys, include timed pedestrianization in Fountain Square, wider pavements and a narrower carriageway, new planting and trees, and relocating the Fountain Square bus stop.

Space outside Cranleigh Post Office is also included within the proposals, with a design aimed at using it more effectively for the benefit of residents.

At the Horseshoe Lane junction with the High Street, Surrey County Council is proposing to remove the mini roundabout and introduce a priority junction.

Traffic modelling has been undertaken, showing that the Horseshoe Lane junction acts more efficiently as a priority junction and will improve traffic flow.

There would also be a raised surface at the junction of St James’s Place.

Similarly, Surrey County Council would replace the mini roundabout at Village Way with a raised priority junction and pedestrian island.

Surrey County Council hopes to improve the overall experience for residents, visitors and workers by improving the public realm and encouraging people to spend more time in Cranleigh.

Here are some of the proposed drawings and artists’ impressions published as part of the consultation.


Surrey County Council’s Placemaking team will be holding a public exhibition next week to give you the chance to review the plans and ask any questions.

Display boards and information will be at Cranleigh Library from 1st to 6th November, with members of the team on hand from 11am to 4pm on Tuesday 1st November, 3pm to 6.30pm on Thursday 3rd November, and 10am to 12.30pm on Saturday 5th November.

You can also view all the content online at and provide feedback.

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