The Farewell Episode

The Farewell Episode

Hello and welcome to Cranleigh Community Radio episode 43.

We’re calling this one the farewell episode. This isn’t goodbye, it’s until next time. But as the world returns to some sort of new normal, life and other commitments are cropping up on a more regular basis for our little band of volunteers.

Coming up in this episode, we’ve got two conversations with the Friends of the Hurtwood, the group responsible for maintaining the incredible area of open space on our doorstep, which I know contributed a great deal to keeping me healthy and sane during the lockdowns. Lynda also speaks to local charity Care Ashore, and to Gemma Jones from Reconnections. We’ve also got poetry from Trisha Broomfield.

2:58 Friends of the Hurtwood (1)

26:07 Care Ashore

46:45 Trisha Broomfield Poetry

48:43 Reconnections

1:05:32 Friends of the Hurtwood (2)

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