Support for Cranleigh Armed Forces and Veterans

Following their initial meeting, the Cranleigh Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club are growing nicely.

With more support, they have an established venue and now a Drop-In Centre ready to welcome visitors.

Here are the future breakfast dates, where Nutty looks forward to welcoming you.

Third Sunday of the month, 10:30hrs.

Sunday 19th Sept

Sunday 17th Oct

Sunday 21st Nov

Sunday 19th Dec

The breakfasts take place at the Three Compasses in Alfold, GU6 8HY.

The launch of the Cranleigh Veterans Drop-In Centre is Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 11.30am.

This drop-in centre is located at Cranleigh Arts Centre, taking place at 11.30am on Tuesday and Thursday each week from 5th October onwards.

After service support, unlike your military uniform, is not ‘a one size fits all’ which is why we need places like the drop-in centres. A place where you can get support, advice, and a hot drink.

Their aim centres on providing local Veterans with a helping hand, whether that is by getting them out of the house and in amongst company, connected with local support, into housing and back into employment.

To achieve this, they are linking up with other organisations, which will provide major support to their service at their new, dedicated centre.

The service will be run by volunteers, all of whom will receive training to ensure they achieve real life changes for people accessing their services.

Surrey-Veteran’s website will be a big part of our offer, with the monthly calendar to advertise meetings, breakfast clubs, military shows and more, with Forces Connect, Veterans Gateway and all relevant support networks being signposted.

Your support will be highly appreciated and hope you can join them this Sunday for breakfast and let’s get Cranleigh’s Veteran’s Support established!

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