When will Run Common Road reopen?

When will Run Common Road reopen?

One of the main roads connecting Cranleigh with the A281 closed earlier this year after cracks appear in the surface.

The cracks in Run Common Road were caused by subsidence west of the bridge which takes the road over the Downs Link.

Heavy rain or the passage of large vehicles could continue to weaken the embankment, causing it to slip further.

Run Common Road is closed to all traffic as a result, with access only to those properties on the road, but no through route from one end to the other.

But for how long will Run Common Road remain closed?

In the latest Highways Bulletin Weekly Roundup for the Waverley area, it was confirmed that the road might remain closed for the rest of the year, and possibly even into 2021.

Surrey County Council Highways explained they are working with their design partners to understand how the embankment failed and to design a solution to enable them to put it back.

They are also working with Surrey Wildlife Trust to discover more about a badger sett near the bridge, and the interaction of the badgers in this sett with the local areas, to see how they can rebuild the road while retaining as much of the badger habitat as possible.

Surrey County Council is discussing with Natural England how best to get the road open while protecting the badgers and complying with the law.

The licences from Natural England are not typically granted for work between November and July, which means Surrey County Council has a narrow window in which to work.

If Surrey County Council cannot reach an agreement with Natural England which allows them to disturb the badger sett before November, then they may need to wait, possibly into the summer of 2021 before works can take place.

In the meantime, drivers can reach the A281 via Elmbridge Road or the Guildford Road through Shamley Green and Wonersh.

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