Welcome to Cranleigh Community Radio. Bringing a voice to Cranleigh and surrounding villages.

The project started as Cranleigh went into lockdown, along with the rest of the UK. For the duration of the lockdown, we published weekly episodes every Friday morning.

As things are gradually returning to normal, new episodes of Cranleigh Community Radio are published every other Friday morning.

Each episode of Cranleigh Community Radio features local voices, news and information, and entertainment to get us all through these challenging times.

You can listen to new episodes here on Destination Cranleigh or as a podcast episode download via your favourite podcast player or smart speaker.

Cranleigh Community Radio – Pulling Together While Staying Apart

How to contribute to Cranleigh Community Radio

We want to hear from you!

Cranleigh Community Radio is the place for local voices, news, information and entertainment.

There are three ways to contribute some audio for a future episode.

1 – Record something on your phone. Most smartphones have a pre-installed voice recorder app (called Voice Memo on the iPhone). Speak into your phone with this app recording, and then email to the file to hello@destinationcranleigh.net.

2 – Leave us a voice message using the recorder on the page below. You can record a voice message of up to 5 minutes in length and submit it via the Destination Cranleigh website.

3 – If you want to record a conversation with others, record your call in Zoom (it’s free for group conversations up to 40 minutes!) and then email us with the audio file.

We’re looking for variety, so please send through 2-5 minutes worth of your audio recording. As long as a) you’re local, or b) the topic is local, we’re interested in featuring it in a future episode!

If in doubt, email hello@destinationcranleigh.net to share your feature idea. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cranleigh Community Radio

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Cranleigh Community Radio episode 17

Hello, and welcome to episode 17 on Cranleigh Community Radio, on Friday 7th August 2020. Coming up in this episode, we hear from Lynda in conversation with David Rich from Cranleigh Market. There’s the first chapter of Frank Penny and the Mystery Ludlow Hums, read by local author Jeremy Elson. Trisha Broomfield reads her poem […]

Face coverings at the ready

Hello and welcome to episode 16 of Cranleigh Community Radio. I’m Martin Bamford. Coming up in this episode, Lynda speaks to the artist in residence at St Joseph’s School, I chat with Trevor Dale from The Cranleigh Society, there’s an update from the Cranleigh Arts Team, Trisha Broomfield reads a piece of poetry, and Lynda […]

Cranleigh Community Radio episode 15

Hello and welcome to episode 15 of Cranleigh Community Radio. It’s good to be back after a two-week break. Our new publishing schedule is every fortnight on a Friday, although we will, of course, come back to weekly new episodes as and when we can get more contributors involved. Coming up in this episode, Lynda […]

Cranleigh’s Big Fish

Coming up in this episode…Lynda speaks to David Hall from Cranleigh Angling Society, there’s poetry from Trisha Broomfield, the latest update from Jamie at the Cranleigh Lions, an update from the Cranleigh Arts Team, and classical music introduced by Stephen Dennison. After 14 weeks of Cranleigh Community Radio, the show is moving to a fortnightly […]

A history of Cranleigh – Cranleigh Community Radio episode 13

 Hello and welcome to the latest episode of Cranleigh Community Radio, I’m Martin Bamford. If you’re new here after listening to Lynda MacDermott talking about Cranleigh Community Radio on BBC Radio Surrey yesterday, then a very warm welcome to you too. I hope you enjoy what we’ve got lined up for you today. Coming […]

Cranleigh Community Radio episode 12

In this packed edition of Cranleigh Community Radio, we hear from Cranleigh Village Health Trust and the Director of Integrated Care Partnership in Guildford, Giles Mahoney. There’s poetry from Trisha Broomfield, a conversation with Rob Squirrell from Sayers Croft, and our regular update and quiz questions from Jamie Currie of Cranleigh Lions. Lynda speaks to […]

Cranleigh Community Radio 11

In episode 11 of Cranleigh Community Radio, Lynda speaks to local taxi driver Fiona Barker. The Cranleigh Arts team talk about gardening. Trisha Broomfield reads her poem Sizzling Fillets. There are a couple of moments of kindness in our new weekly segment. Jamie from the Cranleigh Lions shares his latest quiz questions, and Stephen introduces […]

Cranleigh Community Radio episode 10

In episode 10 of Cranleigh Community Radio, Lynda chats to Rosslyn Doney from Cranleigh Food Bank, Trisha Broomfield shares her poem Perfect Pastry, there’s new music from Richard James Poll, and updates from Cranleigh Lions and Cranleigh Arts Centre. Useful links: Crumblefruit radio and podcast production Cranleigh Food Bank Cranleigh Arts Centre Cranleigh Lions Trisha […]

Cranleigh’s Other Twin

Coming up in this episode, we hear about Cranleigh’s other twin, there’s classical music introduced by Stephen, the Cranleigh Lions update and quiz questions, your weekly update from the Cranleigh Arts team, and an interview with James Rhodes-Smith, a team manager at Co-op Cranleigh. Before we get into this episode, this is the week when […]

Friends in Germany

In episode 8 of Cranleigh Community Radio, we hear from Trevor Dale at the Cranleigh Society, Vallendar Friendship Club chairman Jeremy Watts, Bright Care Cranleigh, local chef Vivianna Small, and our usual segments from Cranleigh Lions, Stephen Dennison, Cranleigh Arts Centre and Trish Broomfield. It’s the longest episode to date – every minute worth your […]

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