On location, field mushrooms, and arts volunteers

Local voices, news and information, and entertainment to get Cranleigh through these challenging times.

In this packed new episode of Cranleigh Community Radio, we hear from film location manager Tobin Hughes, Anna Pritchard from Cranleigh Leisure Centre, two of the trustees from Cranleigh Arts Centre, and surreymummy.com founder Penny Bramsden.

There’s also the latest instalment from the diary of a sensible husband in isolation, poetry from Trish Broomfield, an update from Cranleigh Lions (along with quiz answers and more questions!), and classical music introduced by Stephen Dennison.

Here’s episode four of Cranleigh Community Radio, on Friday 17th April 2020.

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Running order & useful links

02:46 – Interview with Tobin Hughes, film location manager

18:03 – Penny Bramsden from surreymummy.com, virtual tours and exhibitions

23:36 – Cranleigh Arts team

35:31 – Interview with Anna Pritchard, Cranleigh Leisure Centre

47:50 – Cranleigh Lions update and quiz questions

53:02 – Fresh Mushrooms, Trisha Broomfield Poetry

54:37 – Diary of a Sensible Husband in Isolation

57:23 – Stephen Dennison introducing Debussy Sonata for Violin and Flute


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