Lloyds Bank Cranleigh branch to close

Lloyds Bank Cranleigh branch to close

Lloyds Bank have announced their intention to close the Cranleigh branch on 28th November 2019.

The closure decision follows an in-depth review by Lloyds Bank and changing needs of customers.

According to the review, counters at the Cranleigh branch are 6% quieter than a year earlier and only 376 customers use the branch on a regular monthly basis.

Lloyds say that customers of the Cranleigh branch are already banking in other ways.

59% of personal customers using Cranleigh branch have already used other Lloyds Bank branches.

Three-quarters of Cranleigh branch customers use other branches, Internet banking services, or phone banking.

Following the branch closure, local Lloyds Bank customers will continue to have access to a new Lloyds Bank Mobile Branch, which is likely to visit the village once a week. Customers can also use the Post Office for a range of everyday banking transactions.

The nearest Lloyds Bank branches to remain open can be found in Godalming and Guildford.

The closure of the Lloyds Bank Cranleigh branch means only Nationwide and Barclays Bank remain open in the village, following earlier closures of Natwest and HSBC.

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