Cranleigh Santa Dash 2020

This event has ended

Rotary Club of Cranleigh, Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce and Cranleigh Sunflowers are back again hosting the Cranleigh Santa Dash as a virtual event throughout December 2020.

Covid-19 restrictions have meant the physical run cannot safely take place this year, so instead we are inviting runners to record a run, walk or crawl of at least 5km between 1st and 25th December 2020, and then email us a link to your GPS file (or a note of your run details) and any photos, and we will send you your Cranleigh Santa Dash medal between Christmas and New Year.

The Cranleigh Santa Dash virtual run is a fantastic option to share in some festive joy, enjoy some exercise in the Great Outdoors, and earn yourself a custom designed medal.

Entry to the virtual run during December 2020 is just £15 per entry, with all funds raised donated to Rotary Club of Cranleigh and their local good causes.

Kids and adults are welcome to take part.

Each participant will receive a briefing note by email, and then a medal in the post once they have submitted evidence of their 5km run.

All profits raised from this event will be donated by Rotary Club of Cranleigh to the local primary schools (Park Mead, Cranleigh Infants, St Cuthbert Mayne and Ewhurst Infants).

Thank you to our main sponsor, Informed Choice Independent Financial Planners, for making this event possible and making sure all entry fees can go directly to the fundraising causes. See Less

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to dress up?

We encourage you to dress up in Santa hats, Santa Suits or other festive clobber, although it’s not compulsory.

Are there prizes for the fastest runners?

This is a fun run, not a race. By all means be as competitive as you like, but we won’t be timing you or giving out prizes for the fastest kids, men and women.

How do I prove I completed the virtual Cranleigh Santa Dash?

We are asking you to email us with evidence of your run. A link to the run on Strava, Garmin or similar is ideal, but we trust you to be honest, so otherwise just tell us how far you ran and how long it took. We would love to see your photos too!

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