Dani Dolittle’s Animal Care

Dani Dolittle’s Animal care is a one stop shop for all your animal care needs, specialising in Dog walking, Equine and Small animal care.
We pride ourselves on offering quality care, keeping up to date with all relevant legislation and continually updating knowledge and practices.
: Fully insured inc Care Custody and control.
: Fully insured and experienced equine groom.
: Enhanced DBS checked.
:Comprehensive First Aid kit carried at all times
: Diploma in dog walking and pet sitting inc First Aid.
: Large vehicle fitted with light, well ventilated custom made crates, compliant with Rule 57 of the highway code for travelling Dogs, vet Fleece and non tip Water bowls in each lockable compartment.
: Vehicle insured for business use.
: Rear exit Emergency doors in each compartment.
: Washable, non slip purpose rubber matting in each compartment.
: Complete pet area temperature control.
:Treats, Balls, spare collars, leads, pooh bags, Cool mats and muzzles carried as per reccomend guidelines.
:Fresh water carried daily.
: Personal alarm carried.
:Vehicle regularly disinfected inside using pet safe disinfectant, inc all equipment used.
:On board pet shower and dry towels for thoes muddy paws.
: Reactive rascals and Canine body language courses recently completed.
: Over 30 years experience with various Animals.
: “With my walker ” tags worn at all times.
: Studying canine communication .
: Interactive Games carried for pop in session’s, Inc Lick pads, snuffle mats and many more.
: Offering 1-2-1 secure area exercise with 1.6 meter fencing ideal for Reactive dogs, Dogs with limited re call or thoes recovering from injury or illness.
: Continued training with regular CPD courses attended.
: Pre service visits for all new Clients.
: Comprehensive Animal information gathered for on all new Customers inc Behaviour and Medical history.
: Terms and conditions Inc Written contact.
: All data held securely in lines with the Data protection act.
: Keys securely held and insured .
: Pet sitting inc overnight stays in your own home.
: Dog walking.
: Equine covered, fully insured.
: Exotic animals cared for.
: Pop ins for all Animals.
: Elderly and Puppy packages available.
: Small group or 1-2-1 walks.
: Pet transport.
: Small holdings covered.
: Escorted transport to and from Vet appointments/ Groomers ect.

Okewood Hill, Surrey

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