Cranleigh Slow Shopping

Cranleigh Slow Shopping

Eagle-eyed shoppers might have noticed Cranleigh Slow Shopping posters popping up in shops throughout the village.

What’s Time For You Tuesdays all about?

It’s an initiative from SMART Cranleigh which is all about connecting the community and helping people to stay living well and connected for longer.

Working with Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce, SMART Cranleigh started the ‘Time For You Tuesdays’ initiative in the village by speaking to local business owners and organisations and offering them all free training in ‘Slow Shopping’.

All attendees agreed it was worth doing; many have committed to making changes and more are joining following the official launch.

Businesses and staff have received training to raise awareness that disabilities are not just physical, but can be cognitive, emotional, related to hearing difficulties.

Many struggle with things like anxiety or dementia, others have Autistic Spectrum Disorder or a myriad of other possible issues – all of these things are part of us being wonderful, unique human beings, but also mean we may struggle in different ways.

Attendees received training on the many ways they can help their customers a little more.

Each business or organisation commit to making at least three changes in their business that are in line with the Slow Shopping ethos. These are changes that will make people’s shopping experience a little easier.

Changes vary depending on what they already offer and what is needed in their store/restaurant/facility.

Some examples include no background music or tannoy on Tuesday afternoons, no shelf stacking, more help available if some need assistance with shopping, more chairs to sit down on and rest/natter, and more checkouts open so people can take their time without a big queue building up.

These changes to the retail environment on Tuesday afternoons are all very subtle but all so important, especially when it’s happening all over the village at the same time!

So ‘Time for You Tuesdays’ is when ‘Slow Shopping’ happens in Cranleigh.

It will also include more little events in coming weeks and months – such as coffee events, drop in quizzes and slow meals at the local pubs!!

Interestingly, John Lewis and Waitrose trialled ‘Slow Shopping’ in some of their stores and, due to the success of the trials, are now making plans to roll it out in their stores throughout the UK.

Cranleigh, however, will be the first entire village to take on Slow Shopping!

So, if you find the village a bit bamboozling and feel you would benefit from so many little changes, please join us on Tuesday afternoons and have a little ‘Time For You’ in Cranleigh.

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