Cranleigh pub awarded top rating for sustainability work

Cranleigh pub awarded top rating for sustainability work

Cranleigh pub The Richard Onslow has been awarded the top rating for its efforts to reduce climate change.

The Richard Onslow received a Three Star Food Made Good rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Part of the rating is decided based on actions taken by the business to encourage its customers to make more sustainable eating choices.

The Richard Onslow and owner Peach Pubs received the award for the measures taken to be a better business, making a positive difference to people and the planet.

Receiving the top rating required a thorough sustainability assessment across ten key areas, including celebrating local and seasonal food and sourcing fish responsibly.

The pub also had to demonstrate how it treats its team fairly and eliminates food waste.

This assessment looked at their overall performance across the three pillars of sourcing, society and environment, with The Richard Onslow scoring 73% and earning the Three Star Status.

One factor contributing to this high overall score was the community contribution made by the pub throughout the pandemic, when the team carried out voluntary work, cooked takeaway food for local residents, and donated free food to frontline NHS workers.

Tom Tolhurst, general manager of The Richard Onslow, said:

It’s fantastic news to be given a Three Star Food Made Good rating by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and doubly significant after what has been a year like no other for the hospitality industry.

We are hugely proud that what we have been doing to be a better business and put the planet first have been recognised in this way.

It is tremendous encouragement from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and we shall be working with them over the year ahead to be even better and improve our scores in areas we need to.

In the meantime, we shall be celebrating this excellent news with our team and with our guests.

Juliane Caillouette-Noble, managing director of the SRA, said:

By being the first pub business to complete the Food Made Good sustainability rating after the pandemic and additionally achieving Three Stars, Peach truly is demonstrating to its customers, staff and industry colleagues that it is 100% committed to serving up a better food future.

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