New petition to keep Cranleigh community recycling centre open

New petition to keep Cranleigh community recycling centre open

Cranleigh Community Recycling Centre received a temporary stay of execution this week.

Surrey County Council determined to delay its closure until 1st October 2019, following widespread local opposition to the original plan.

Cabinet members decided to the delay the closure of Cranleigh and three other recycling centres in Surrey, while they “sought alternative options to achieve savings”.

The recycling centre will however now only accept recycled materials, with black bag waste no longer accepted at the site which is operating reduced opening hours on Saturday, Sunday and Monday each week.

Conservative council leader Tim Oliver warned, “Any changes must improve the sustainability and effectiveness of the service for residents. If we are to consider any closures in the future, it must be in this context.”

Cranleigh resident Hannah Nicholson spoke at the Surrey County Council meeting, presenting a petition aimed at preventing the closure.

Ms Nicholson has launched a new petition following the decision to delay the closure of Cranleigh Recycling Centre, which can be found here.

Petitioners are reminded to confirm their signature by clicking on the confirmation link sent by email.

Surrey County Council did however vote to close Cranleigh’s Sure Start Children’s Centre, along with 30 others across the county.

Oliver said:

“With children’s centres it’s important to note the service is currently failing those who are most in need. The support isn’t getting to them early enough.

“The service has to be shaped around getting support to these families. Many of whom never use the service. Our focus must be on prevention and early intervention wherever possible and the proposed changes mean we can get those services right into the communities and into the homes of the families that need us the most.”

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