Celebrating the New Year with Memory Lane’s Heartfelt Gatherings

Celebrating the New Year with Memory Lane's Heartfelt Gatherings

We at Destination Cranleigh are excited to share some heartwarming news from Memory Lane, a local initiative that continues to bring joy and support to our community members dealing with dementia, as well as their caring partners.

A Festive Start to the Year

Memory Lane kicked off 2024 with a wonderful “Bring & Share New Year Party” held on 15th January. This event saw 10 Carer Partners come together in a spirit of sharing and camaraderie.

They enjoyed a variety of dishes, sharing stories, and creating memorable moments.

Meanwhile, in a separate room, their partners experiencing dementia were engaged in a world of fun, music, and entertainment, surrounded by other guests. It was a beautiful blend of social interaction and caring support, reflecting the close-knit fabric of our community.

Volunteers: The Heart of Memory Lane

Following this joyous event, the dedicated Memory Lane Volunteer Team had their own gathering – a Coffee Morning on 22nd January. This wasn’t just any meeting; it was a special occasion where the 15 volunteers who could attend had the opportunity to socialise and learn more about each other.

Often busy supporting guests at events, this coffee morning was a chance for the volunteers to relax, share experiences, and strengthen their bond.

The energy and commitment of these volunteers are truly the backbone of Memory Lane, making each event meaningful and successful.

Upcoming Event: Informative and Empowering

Looking ahead, the next Memory Lane meeting is scheduled for 2:15 pm on Monday, 5th February, at the Cranleigh Arts Centre. This session promises to be both informative and empowering, featuring a talk on “Fall Prevention & Recovery” by Kim Wilson from Surrey Hills Rehab.

This topic is particularly relevant and beneficial for Carer Partners, providing them with vital knowledge and strategies to support their loved ones better.

Stay Connected and Informed

For anyone interested in learning more about Memory Lane, or if you wish to join this compassionate community, please feel free to reach out. You can contact Memory Lane at 01483 274398 or via email at mamwild@aol.com.

Your involvement, whether as a participant or a volunteer, can make a significant difference in the lives of those dealing with dementia and their caring partners.

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