Meet Archana Bahal: The Heart of Cranleigh Post Office

Meet Archana Bahal: The Heart of Cranleigh Post Office

In England’s largest village, among the busy High Street, stands a cornerstone of the community – Cranleigh Post Office.

The Post Office is headed by none other than Archana Bahal.

With a vibrant career spanning various businesses, Archie finally found her calling as a Postmaster, a role she describes as stable, challenging and engaging.

It’s a profession that marries her knack for helping people with the joy of community work.

The journey to Cranleigh was a decision close to her heart. After living in the beautiful cities of Edinburgh and Bath, Surrey won over Archana with its charm and community spirit.

The beauty of Cranleigh and the memories forged here with loved ones hold a special place in her life.

A day in Cranleigh Post Office? One word sums it up – busy!

Archana assures that every day is unique, bringing its own set of challenges and surprises.

The Post Office isn’t just about mailing letters; it’s about building relationships and offering a treasure trove of items – from stationery to unique gift shop finds- ensuring every customer leaves with something special.

With the closure of most bank branches in Cranleigh, the Post Office has stepped up, diversifying its services to fill the void left by banks, keeping the team busier than ever. It’s a testament to Archana’s commitment to serving the community’s needs and adapting to changes.

But what truly makes every day worthwhile for Archana is the people. The warmth and welcoming nature of the Cranleigh community is what she cherishes the most, along with the simple pleasures like the local sweet shop.

In the accompanying photos, you’ll see the vibrant Cranleigh Post Office, a hub of activity and heart, and the smiling face of Archana Bahal, who makes it all happen.

Her dedication to her work and her love for the community shines through.

Photography by Martin Bamford

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