5 Minutes with… Steph from Mummas and Beans

Can you tell us a bit about the history of your company/organisation?

Mummas & Beans has been operating since 2012, initially in Godalming and now the company is expanding to many locations throughout the U.K.

The Cranleigh branch has been running since 2015 offering local parents first class antenatal education and baby classes.

I have always been the Cranleigh teacher, but I have just taken over Cranleigh (and expanded to Horsham and villages) as my own business. It is an exciting time time for me and Mummas!

How are you different from the competition?

Mummas and Beans antenatal classes are devised by midwives and offer up to date, evidence based antenatal classes. We pride ourselves on having classes which are free of judgement and totally down to earth.

I also offer baby classes at Mummas & Beans – Horsham, Cranleigh and villages. I offer continuity of care so our parents are looked after by the same teacher from bump to baby and that makes us quite unique.

What are your favourite bits about the work you do?

I love nothing more than supporting a couple as they grow in to a family and then watching that family bond and explore their new world together.

Seeing babies experience so many firsts in class is a huge privilege, I have witnessed many first smiles, giggles, sitting unaided, crawling and walking and every time it happens I love my job a little more!

What do you most like about working in Cranleigh?

Cranleigh has the most amazing community, everyone is so supportive of each other and of local business. I love strolling down the high street and seeing so many of the parents and babies from class and continuing to bump in to them as they out grow the classes and head off to nursery.

Has your company/organisation got any exciting plans for the future?

As I have just taken over I need to get my head around running a business first (scary stuff!) and once I feel I can actually pull this off I have some big plans!

More classes for mums post baby, more classes for older toddlers and establishing the ideal venue for parents and expectant parents in the village. Watch this space!

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